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MSM Group Classes

Group Guitar

Guitar classes are a great way to learn to play guitar! The Mojo School of Music has been teaching guitar classes to members of the Bellingham Community for over six years. Since then, hundreds of students have strummed their first chords with us. Each class runs for six weeks, and teaches the absolute rudiments of the guitar. Invite your friends, and start playing guitar today!

Please note that guitar classes are designed for the absolute beginning student. If you have played guitar previously, or if you can already strum a "C" chord, then you might consider furthering your skills with private instruction instead.

Kids Group Guitar Class (Beginner)
This is a great beginning guitar class for 6 to 12 year olds. You’ll learn everything you need to know to start playing guitar. Start out by learning how to hold your guitar and pick, and plan on knowing a few notes by the end of the first class. From there, you’ll learn how to strum notes and read basic music. Next comes some fun songs that are perfect for your family and friends to sing along with!  This class is ideal for both acoustic and electric guitar players! Classes meet Tuesday evenings at 6:00 each quarter, and run for six weeks.
Cost: $60.00

Guitar for Beginners
This class is for students between the ages of 13 and 99 who have never played guitar before. Learn all your essential guitar skills, including how to hold a guitar and a pick, tuning technique and how to strum a chord. From there, you proceed to basic tabulature and note reading. Add a few fun songs to sing along with and you’ll see why the Mojo Music's Guitar class for Beginners has become a Bellingham tradition. This is a great way to start playing guitar! Classes meet Tuesday evenings at 7:00 each quarter, and run for six weeks.
Cost: $60.00

Doug gives a class student individual attention

Hand Drum Classes

Nathan Matson facilitates an "Intro to Hand Drumming." This class offers an introduction to Hand Percussion. Have you ever longed to participate in a drum circle? This is where you need to begin. No need to bring a drum, Mojo School of Music will provide Hand Drums and various percussion instruments.

This popular, beginner class introduces the student to the wonderful world of hand drumming. We start at the beginning, learning proper hand technique and sound production. We then move on explore various African and Afro Cuban rhythms. There is a heavy emphasis on learning to play together as a group.

The ability is read music is not necessary. Ages 10 and up. Younger kids must be accompanied by an adult. A great family activity. Classes meet Thursday evenings at 6:30, and run for six weeks.
Cost: $60.00

Beginning Ukulele Class

Dave Lyon offers this popular class on beginning Ukulele. In this wonderfully structured environment, students discover the magic and beauty of the music and technique of one of the worlds most popular musical instruments. Class size is limited, so make sure to sign up now. Due to its reputation this class often will be extended for several weeks.

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