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Meet our School of Music Instructors!

Thomas Hughes
Cello, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Ubass

Thomas Hughes is a multi-instrumentalist and recently graduated from the Fine and Performing Arts College at Western Washington University. There, he studied cello performance for 2 years while also receiving a holistic music theory education. Outside of his formal education, he picked up the bass guitar, his first instrument, when he was in the 6th grade. He joined a youth jam band where he learned the fundamentals of playing jazz and blues in a group setting. 

Thomas has been playing bass for about 13 years now, and since then he has used these fundamentals as a foundation to pick up numerous other fretted instruments, guitar and ukulele included. Thomas will be offering beginner and intermediate guitar, bass, ukulele, and cello lessons through Mojo’s School of Music.

Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Electric Bass


Mason Ellis has been deeply involved in music his entire life. From an early age he undertook piano lessons, laying a solid musical bedrock and lifelong passion for music and creative expression. Having played such instruments as bass clarinet and baritone saxophone throughout middle and high school band, he developed a strong understanding of music theory and classical performance and applied this when he started playing guitar and bass in more contemporary rock music settings and personal projects. Mason is currently involved in a progressive rock band, utilizing unique poly-rhythms and odd time signatures combined with intuitive electrical sound sculpting and classical riff writing in an act of creative self-expression.

Mason will be offering lessons in beginner and intermediate electric and acoustic guitar, as well as electric bass guitar. Under his tutelage students will learn the fundamentals of these instruments as well as a way to apply musical knowledge and individual creativity in a way that plays to the students own strengths, and gives them the skills and tools necessary to realize their own artistic expression through music.


Trombone and Beginner Low Brass

Samuel Harris is in the third year of his Music Performance major at WWU, and specializes in jazz trombone. He was the drill instructor for his Texas high school marching band and lead trombonist for four years with the All Texas Small School Bands Jazz Band. Sam has received multiple awards for his musicianship, including the Quincy Jones and Louis Armstrong Jazz awards, and has many years of experience as a gigging and touring brass musician. Most recently he has been working with renowned group Analog Brass, and helped establish local Bellingham group FloorForty as his first venture into independent pop music.

Sam’s primary role at the Mojo School of Music is as a trombone instructor, and he also offers beginner classical technique lessons with low brass. His curriculum focuses heavily on the fundamentals and theory to provide a strong basis for future playing.

Beginner Piano, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Flute

Kyler Price is a lifelong musician, learning primarily by ear and always picking up a new instrument to learn. Their musical career began at 5 with piano lessons from their grandmother, a career church organist of over 40 years. Throughout middle and high school they made their way to second chair in their school’s Honors Wind Ensemble, as well as joining the JHS Pep Band and Drumline for 3 years.

Kyler teaches beginner lessons on flute and acoustic and electric guitar. Lessons follow the format of the student’s choice of book, with emphasis on honing the ability to learn by ear and finding your unique musical style. Kyler also teaches classes with other members of staff on beginner guitar fundamentals, the tech behind electric guitars, amps and pedals, and basic instrument care and maintenance.