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Used and Consignment

At Mojo Music, we have an active and constantly changing inventory of used and consignment instruments - from guitars to world music - our used instruments always have a story. We love to match the instrument to the person, so check out our inventory, we might have the right instrument for you.

Come in and consign an instrument through us; we will appraise it, and sell it for you, and you will get 75% when the instrument is sold. 

All inquiries are handled on a case-by-case basis.

This G-series Takamine guitar is a gorgeous used instrument from the early 2000's produced in Korea for US distribution. With minimal body damage and good care given by the previous owner, you can tell that this guitar was well-loved. This model was designed by Takamine to support vocals, whether you play acoustic or plugged in. 

The fingerboard is standard rosewood while the top, back, and sides are fashioned from quilt maple. Professionals seek maple guitars for their durability and resonance, and guitar companies such as Gibson continue to use maple for their high end models. 

Selling for $425.

Top, Back and Sides Quilt Maple
Fingerboard Rosewood
Finish Gloss Blue Transparent Poly
Pickup CP-100 thinline piezo with compensated integrated low-profile saddle
Preamp TP-4T with 3 band EQ and built-in Chromatic Tuner
Current Strings Earthwood 80/20 Extra Lights

19.5" rainstick, selling for just $25. 
Nobody here knows how long it has been in the shop, but it is authentically made from a hollowed out cactus filled with small pebbles, and it makes a soothing sound.

This mandolin entered our shop as a consignment, and a bit of a mystery. It turns out that this mandolin was originally sold through Montgomery Ward in the early 1920s; most likely manufactured by Regal, a listing in a 1923 Montgomery Ward catalog shows this instrument retailing for $7.95! It is as much a joy to play as it is a piece of musical history.

Selling for $350.
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